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Douglas Cotter, Jr. is a prominent real estate professional based in Atlanta, Georgia. A veteran of over four decades in the real estate development and home-building arenas, the licensed general contractor is one of the names behind Cotter Properties and Development. Under his guidance, Cotter Properties and Development has grown considerably. The business now represents one of the preeminent residential real estate development firms in the southeastern United States.

Cotter has previously served as the president of the Atlanta Home Builders Association. A graduate with a B.S. from Auburn University and M.B.A. from Samford University, he's also the founder of home-building company Peachtree Residential Group. A licensed contractor in Georgia and Florida, Douglas Cotter, Jr. has, at the same time, overseen projects in DeKalb, Illinois, and elsewhere. He has recently expanded further into North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee and will be expanding into Florida in 2022.

Douglas Cotter grew up in Snellville, Georgia. Snellville is a suburb of Atlanta. It was here that Cotter attended the city's South Gwinnett High School. He would later go on to study at two prestigious universities in Alabama. New opportunities then saw Douglas Cotter, Jr. bound once more. He's continued to reside mainly in and around the city, also spending time in DeKalb, Illinois, and Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Cotter holds a lifelong love of property and finance. This love has ultimately seen him forge a successful career in the real estate development and home-building sectors. Since 1991, these collective journeys have seen him acquire general contractor licenses in Georgia and Florida. The businessman is now responsible for large teams here and in several neighboring states.

In addition to Peachtree Residential Group and Cotter Properties and Development, the Atlanta native is also the founder of Silverstone Communities. Like Peachtree Residential Group, Silverstone Residential is a Georgia-headquartered real estate firm focused on home-building. Both Cotter-fronted ventures now have operations in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina alike.

Atlanta-born Douglas Cotter established Cotter Properties and Development in 2004. A former resident of DeKalb, Illinois, Cotter, and his partners at the firm have extensive experience in the real estate field. In the decade to 2014, they successfully participated in developing over 8,000 residential lots. Since then, Douglas Cotter of DeKalb, until several years ago, along with his team, have subsequently rezoned, entitled, or developed a further 6,000 or more sites.

Today, Cotter and his partners are working on rezoning, entitling, and developing over 7,000 additional residential lots. As it stands, Cotter Properties and Development has served as the sole or primary developer on over 100 large-scale projects from Atlanta, Georgia, to DeKalb, Illinois, and beyond.

The firm maintains tight-knit relationships with the nation's largest residential construction companies and local real estate brokers alike. With that, Cotter Properties and Development can source projects that others miss. This position has seen Cotter and his team successfully close on schemes that other operators couldn't disentangle or consummate.

Douglas Cotter has been active in the real estate development and home-building arenas for over 30 years. During this time, former DeKalb-based businessman Cotter has served as the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association president. Founded in 1945, the organization is a nonprofit professional trade association. It remains dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the industry as a viable economic force in the Atlanta area.

Elsewhere, Douglas Cotter has assisted as a part of the Gwinnett Leadership Institute and Atlanta Regional Institute. The real estate professional is also a previous member of the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce executive committee.

Under his guidance, Douglas Cotter's main venture, Cotter Properties and Development, has employees in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Cotter has further been personally involved in numerous projects based in DeKalb County, Illinois, and across large parts of Florida.

Past Douglas Cotter ventures and those currently underway elsewhere form part of the prominent real estate professional's ongoing business aspirations. Cotter Properties and Development is now well-positioned for the future and to take advantage of present market opportunities. These opportunities include serving as a preferred development partner for multiple national builders and local development sponsors.

Douglas Cotter of Atlanta today focuses on purchasing, selling, entitlement, and developing land in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and the Sunshine State of Florida. As the driving force behind Cotter Properties and Development, he's joined at the firm by fellow principal George E. Harvey III. The two are committed to various residential, multi-family, and light commercial projects across the southeastern United States.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Cotter is passionate about horses, hunting, fishing, skiing, and spending time with his family. The father-of-two has previously volunteered as the head coach of his sons' youth football, baseball, and basketball teams. During their studies, he was also the president of the pair's high school tip-off club. Long active in the local DeKalb and Atlanta communities, he remains committed to several charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes both here and further afield.

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